A Tale of Two Biddies - Kylie Logan

This is the second book in the League of Literary Ladies cozy mystery series.  The premise from the first book is that three women have been sentenced to join a book club.  Along with a fourth woman who joins voluntarily, they become friends and solve mysteries.


The books in this series are all themed around classic books that the book club is reading. In this book it's A Tale of Two Cities. This is actually the downside of this series for me as I haven't read much classic literature (whatever that may say about me.)  So throughout this book we have references to A Tale of Two Cities and some plot devices used from the book, all which were lost on me.  This aspect of the series is making me seriously consider whether I will continue reading or not, because I just don't feel like I'm getting everything and it's annoying.


That aside, the book is good. I like the setting on an island off the coast of Ohio.  We were presented with several possible murders, all with very good motives and I did not correctly figure out whodunit.  A pet peeve with some cozies is that only two or three suspects are introduced and maybe one of them has such a ridiculous motive, that you can easily narrow it down. So it was refreshing to have a deep suspect list who were fleshed out enough so that they were recognizable as individual characters.


We still have a side mystery that is unresolved regarding Bea's background. We still do not know any details from her former life, save for the fact that she had a stalker, which was revealed in the first book. Her relationship with Levi is also progressing very slowly.  I will likely read the next in the series to see if there are any new developments in these areas and then decide if I want to continue with the series. 


On a side note, it looks like the next installment will be themed around The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and will be a Halloween book.