The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club - Wanda E. Brunstetter

I'm an Amish fiction fan, but this book was different. I don't want to say it was bad, it was just different and didn't hold my interest as well.  It followed several characters, most of them non-Amish, and then one Amish woman.  So the story was constantly jumping around and most of the time it was not in the Amish setting.  This did not give much of the setting or feeling of being in an Amish community that we normally get from Amish fiction.

Also, without really having a main character, I personally just didn't get as engaged or care so much about what was going to happen to the characters.  Again, I think that might have been partly due to the choppiness of jumping around so much.

Another thing is that usually we will have a strong romance in Christian/Amish fiction of this nature, but not in this book.  There was one small, undercurrent of a romance that was really not explored in much depth.

This book was interesting and well written, and it was okay, it just wasn't as interesting to me as like the Shunning series or Sisters of the Quilt series. I also saw the musical that goes along with the book and I did enjoy the musical, but again, not as much as the musical that goes along with the Shunning/Confession book series.